Identity - Branding

In a Food Truck business you love food and you love the satisfying smile that comes over your customer's face when they take their first bite of your amazing food. The challenge is attracting new customers and effectively communicating the brand's unique difference before they place their order. With the popularity of food trucks on the rise, so too comes increased competition. Today, customers have more food truck options to choose from than ever before. We helped Chef's Bowl launch their food truck business, serving great tasting authentic food & also develop a strong brand that customers know, like, and trust.

A comprehensive design for Chef's Bowls first authentic truck was created. The logo was designed to have elements of both retro and modern style. The brand is recognizable, fun, and evokes a feeling of happiness in the viewer. Paired with the expressive typography design on the Chef's Bowls food truck, it creates a bright, attractive, happy brand.

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