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Our brief began with a request to develop a brand, identity, look and feel for the Eco brand. Their vision was to participate in initiatives that are aimed to provide sustainable livelihoods by promoting products made by NGOs, through an effective Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) model. The concept is to provide sales channels to rurl farmers, artisns, and women;s groups who make a high quality products, which are Eco friendly and Organic in nature. By sourcing only Organic, Natural and Eco friendly and Organic in nature. By sourcing only Organic, Natural and Eco Friendly products, they are trying to give our bit to save the environment for the next generation and at the same time helping people lead a healthy life.

Our response

We started by taking a look at the competitors already established and others beginning to appear in the market. We found many struggling with the language they use to describe Organic products, branding and language verging on being organic and true to origin. there were not many who seemed to be growing and marketing on their own as Ecostore is. We also felt that the total offer of Ecostore filled out a strong offer of product, produce and experience and agreed with our clients that developing a brand for the wholr organization would be advantageous to each individual line of business.

The solution

The brand name of Ecostore was developed with the client, based on the organic farms. To extend the idea across the whole range of propositions and to include the differentiating benefits of being truly Organic, the brand of Ecostore was created. The organic branding features first and foremost the name Ecostore, underpinned by the Organic farms which produces the products, within its boundaries and provide sales channels to rural farmers,artisans and women;s groups. Having agreed the naming structure, identity,look and feel for the brand, we then designed the brand elements, Social Media and all-important e-commerce website.

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