Identity - Branding - Package - 3D

Jalpaan is the most popular vegetarian fine-dining among all the vegetarian restaurant across India. The Founder of Jalpaan brand always esteemed the dream of building a kingdom of traditional chips, sweets, namkeen & extruded products. Begun as "Dhyaan Foods", a small idea in Bangalore which gave birth to a smacking savouries and cuisines, today known for delivering taste within the borders of India.

The Brief
They wanted to transform the traditional heritage of Indian taste to modernised processed food and revolutionize "Jalpaan" as a manufacturing Indian food with International standards and expectation. And also get into the international market with packaged sweets, namkeens and snacks.

The Solution
The brand name of Jalpaan Namkeen was developed with the client to extend the idea across the whole range of products and to include the differentiating benefits of being truly organic heritage of cuisines, with added flavour, taste, quality and shelf-life, produced & manufactured under hygienic conditions by adopting latest innovations & technology. Thus focussing on two main areas of strength, making the brand product a ritual of taste & providing verieties.

We came up with "Happiness in every bite".

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