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Mantri Webcity, a one of the kind innovative projects by Mantri Developers, located at Hennur, Bangalore. Mantri Webcity is the first techno residential project inspired by new age technologies like nano-tech, robotics, cloud computing, etc. It was a project with perfect blend of technology & comfort. We helped Mantri leverage technology concept to bring in unique experiences to the project. Sprawling over acres of land, nested in the nexus of IT firms and other companies, aesthetically designed homes infused with web elements, acres of greenery, tweet parks and many more such things in the web city, that would leave anyone awestruck & revolutionize the way you socialize. We helped Mantri's aim to comceptulize the design thought to keep its residents connected and socialize in the community where they are living by incorporating the social networking elements in their daily life.

We came up with "A world we call WebCity, a world you call home".

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